Hey Everyone!!!

I am so excited to announce *drum roll* my first class for aspiring Makeup Artists!

I will never forget the day when I fell deeply in love with makeup! Just thinking about makes my heart smile! I was seven years old! I would watch my Aunt apply her makeup every Sunday for church! I was in ahhh of her beautiful transformation! She enhanced her beauty right in front of me! It was in that moment at seven years old;  That I knew I wanted to be a professional makeup artist! From that day forward I would sneak and play in her makeup hoping my grandmother didn't catch me. Which she did every time! She would tell me "Take that makeup off before you mess up your skin"! Of course I didn't listen! 

My love for makeup stayed with me throughout high school and college. At the time MAC was popping; MAC was all I knew. They received ALL my money! I made friends with all the MAC girls at the Macy's location in Metro Center, Hey Bre! I invested so much money into my kit, BUT- for some reason I struggled to turn my passion into a profitable career!  

My limited beliefs started to manifest, I would tell myself- " no one will hire you, you will never be good enough to be a game charger in the beauty industry". So GUESS what I did!? The unthinkable, I put my MAC brushes away for almost two years! This is how I know your purpose will chase you...... No matter how hard I tried to bury my passion, makeup always seemed to find me! How many of you entertain the idea to put your brushes away due to your limited beliefs, limited resources, lack of knowledge, and lack of coaching; I am here to tell you don't do it! DO NOT GIVE UP! There are solutions to every problem! 

Back in 2016- I told God if you give me one more chance I promise to never give up again! I begin to invest in myself and my craft. I was pursuing makeup with my entire heart! I did everything scared! I was walking by my faith not my sight!  I started to work with a coach who helped me identify my own lane! She encouraged me and gave me the tools I needed to share my GOD given gifts with world! Now I am SOOOO obsessed with my career as a professional makeup artist! 

If this resonates with you in any way, I invite you to join me on June 11th at 2pm for  "Behind The Beauty" makeup class for aspiring artists and pro's. I'll share with you the tools that I have applied to my career that changed my life! I am ready to pour into everyone that attend this class.

At my class there will be a step by step live demo on how I create my signature natural glowy skin! Using full coverage foundation.

You will also learn:

  • What's in my "kit" and why
  • Proper Skin Prep and sanitation
  • How to create impactful looks
  • Tips on overcoming limited beliefs

I am having the time of my life discovering my place in the beauty industry! & Now it's your time to SHINE!!!! I want to help you! RESERVE your spot today seats are limited! I hope to see you there!