It's My Birthday Month



If you are anything like me at some point in your life, you may have felt overlooked, undervalued, and unqualifed! I have faced many sitautions where I wondered if I really measured up! Did I really have what it takes to be a Kingdom game changer! I was never that girl that had a bunch of friends, I was super shy and a little weird believe it or not! ( I'm still weird and socially awkard) lol. I am constantly fighting the voices in my head  that's telling me I will never be qualified! But God has the habit of picking the people who are overlooked, undervalued and unqualifed! God can redeem, redefine, and realign our lives through our weaknesses, the same way he did for Jacob! But- first we must EMBRACE who we are & where we are in life! God wants to qualify the real you with all your insufficiencies and weakneses! God will call you by your NAME, equip and empower you! He is able to open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that is just for you- just as you are!   

I hear you GOD...

I sensed change was coming! Do you guys rememeber my last day on IG?  I did an IG story and I spoke about GOD moving in my life in a "Suddenly Way" I saw this miracle with my spiritual vision! GOD was elevating my life and marriage in a supernatural way! I could hear God's voice, "Get ready, when I move, I move quickly"! Miracles are  happening in my movement! I was so excited for that prophetic word! BUT- In the mist of my excitment, I asked myself are you really READY for your sudden blessings? Can you really handle and maintain the change that's about to take place in your life......   

 7: CHANGE....

On July 5th 2017 my best friend and I decided to do a spiritual fast for 30 days! My entire life needed a "PURGE" no social media, no food between the hours of 6am-6pm, WATER/JUICE ONLY. I was literally eating the WORD OF GOD! My favorite scripture during my fast was Matthew 4:4 But Jesus told him (the devil) "No! The scriptures say, Man do not live by bread alone, but every word that comes from the mouth of GOD"! I did this fast because I wanted to be fully immersed in the word of GOD and prepared for my next chapter; which is Chapter 8 ALL THINGS NEW! 

In order for me to be prepared I had to surrender to the will of GOD! I gave GOD permission to use me as a walking demonstration of his POWER & GLORY! I had to learn to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to work through me in order to see God's dunamis power manifest in my life! I am having the time of my life bonding with GOD! I love GOD with my entire HEART! I am constantly thanking our father for renewing my mind, body and spirit! I have a new set of eyes! I see and hear things differently now! My vision for my life and businesses are crystal clear, thanks to my CEO (GOD)! 


In the month of August I believe God wants to speak a new reality over our lives! He want us to know and believe that the fullness of Christ has been given to us! It's already done! You have everything you need in order to fully tap into your divine purpose! You are full of love, joy, affirmations, blessings, creativity, and strength, so there is no need for comparison and no place for competition! Comparison and Competition are the  direct spirits of insecurity that can rule your life apart from Christ! Our only focus is the freedom we have in Christ; the security we have when we acknowledge that GOD is our qualifier! I have fully embrace who I AM and where GOD is leading me! 

For the month of August, I challenge you to remove any distractions (social media, tv, your cell phone etc.,) you may have and spend more time with GOD! Allow God's dunamis power to transform you into ALL THINGS NEW! I mediate every morning and before bed for 2-3 hours reading my bible, journaling or just sitting in complete silence. The more time you spend with GOD, the more you will be able to hear his dunamis voice! If you aren't there "yet"--ask GOD to help you to desire spending time with Him. God will meet you wherever you are. If you need any support, I am here with you! We can grow together! I cried everyday of my fast! On the train, in the car,  and sitting in silence! I wasn't sad, I was happy that I found the PEACE of GOD! The peace that passes ALL understanding! I've never felt that kind of peace before! 

Here are a few tips I've learned when creating new habits

  • Set the atmosphere. I like to put worship music on when I first get started. When you're pouring out your heart to God & worshipping Him--it's nice to have beautiful music playing in the background. "Let it Rain" by Eddie James is my favorite worship song! 
  • Use a journal. You can write your prayers to God. You can list concerns or what you're grateful for. You can write the first thing that comes to mind when you consider what God is doing in your life.
  • Get quiet. Sit before God in silence, inviting Him to recalibrate your soul (see Psalm 46:10). My favorite new habit! 
  • Pray Scripture back to God. Pick a passage and pray the same one for a week at a time, allowing it to fully sink in. I got this habit from Tiphani Montgomery (FOLLOW HER) 
  • Get really honest with God. Remember GOD want the real you! Pour out your heart to Him (see Psalm 62:8). Trust Him to be big enough to handle whatever you're dealing with.
  • Practice posturing. Allow your body to reflect your heart. Bow low in humility before God, get on your knees in prayer, or hold your hands out in acknowledgement that anything you receive comes from God. 
  • Prayer Partners. Whenever we pray in agreement with another person, God promises to answer our requests, and He promises to be in the midst of us as we pray with two or more people. There is great power in agreement.See Matthew 18:19-20

Each moment is another opportunity to reconnect with God, step away from the same old routine, and invite Him to do a new thing in your life. I hope this help when creating new habits for your alone time with GOD! Again, if you need any support, I am here with you and for you!  

Thank you so much for reading my first blog post! I have so much more to come! Every Saturday at 12pm. My next post will be a product review on some of my favorite makeup products! 

August 15th (my birthday) at 2pm come celebrate with me on IG live. I'll be doing makeup on one of my favorite models! & I'll be doing my first giveaway! 


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